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411 Prep: SAT Math

411Prep’s SAT Math takes the guess work out of test prep! For less than the cost of a prep book, you get:

  • Comprehensive Math Coverage

    Designed by an SAT tutor with almost a decade of experience, detailed lessons review math the way it is tested on the SAT. A Daily Study plan means you always know what you need to work on. And with over 450 different question types, there won’t be any surprises on test day.
  • Dynamic Flashcards

    Our innovative approach to flashcards will never leave you wondering whether you understand the concept or just remember the answer. The numbers and specifics change each time you see a card, so you’re better prepared to spot similar questions on test day! These unique flashcards offer the equivalent of over 2100 questions!
  • Flexibility

    Many questions are presented with multiple ways to arrive at the solution, allowing you to approach the math in the way that makes the most sense to you, while giving you the opportunity to see, and learn from, other methods.
  • Targeted Prep, Based on Your Goals

    Each lesson contains an advanced portion, designed for students shooting for a math score of 700 or higher. Focus on the most important material first, and save the advanced material for when you’re ready.
  • Generous Email Support

    Don’t understand something? E-mail us, and we’ll work with you until you do! We care about helping you improve your score!

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